Our Technology Team Brings Ideas to Life

This team leads the full cycle product development from advanced development, product design, engineering and quality for our appliances and pods. Whether it’s a Mechanical Engineer designing our appliances or an R&D Engineer investigating sustainable materials for our pod development, Technology is focused on solving unique and exciting challenges.

I was a recent college graduate at the time and I loved the idea of being able to get various experiences throughout the technology organization.  Those experiences helped me shape my career and have been invaluable at giving me a big-picture of how the appliance organization and our products work. It’s also cool to see our products in so many homes and offices and know that I helped write the software that brewed that cup of coffee.

Connor, Embedded Software Engineer II, Appliance Software

One week I might work to create exciting new innovations and the next, I can be responsible for driving a brewer to the marketplace. The variety leads to an exciting environment and even though we are a Fortune 500 company, the constant need for innovation and growth leads to a very dynamic culture within relatively small teams - very close if not identical to a start-up mentality. We all work hard - but we all work hard together!

Blair, Simulation and Modeling Engineer IV

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