Work in Supply Chain at KDP:

At KDP we are excited to be part of a growing industry of highly automated, high-speed machinery where employees can have real-time, on-the-job training.

We provide the opportunity to teach, from an entry level, preventative maintenance, mechanical troubleshooting, and how to maintain the greatest operational efficiencies on machines such as fillers, cappers, aseptic, grinders, roasters and so much more!

We are continuously looking to bring on top talent within our facilities.

I like being the subject matter expert and the responsibilities that come with it. It’s a great environment. I like the challenges that the new technology presents to me. You really have to drill down and get to root causes. It gives me a sense of pride. I’m still here 35 years later!

Sky, Machine Operator

Our communication is good and we all get along with each other. We come up with new ideas and we interact with new equipment to implement better processes for productivity.

Jason, Machine Operator

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